About Us

Now that we have shown you "why" Lake Livingston is such a wonderful place to live and play, it is time to show you the more than 170 Subdivisions around Lake Livingston with either lake access or influence.  The primary function of this website is to familarize you with this vast and relatively undiscovered lake.

It is advantageous to live in an organized subdivision because of the lack of "zoning" in this rural area.  The deed restrictions of an individual subdivision will protect the "investment value" of your home.  Otherwise, you might find yourself next door to a gas station and a pawn shop.  Subdivisions come in all shapes and sizes, from the one that "monitors the color of your front door" to the one that allows you to move your cousin Elroy's RV into your front yard.  (And it's okay for cousin Elroy to live in it.)  The benefit of this website is that you can pull up the deed restrictions of the different subdivisions and see which ones are compatible with your lifestyle.  Many people like a 24-hour guarded security gate while others would find that too restrictive. 

Lake Livingston still has many undeveloped acres of water frontage around this vast lake.  It is definitely waiting to be discovered.  We have the information, maps and pictures for each of the 170 subdivisions around Lake Livingston.  (For many of the subdivisions, we have links to their websites, pictures, phone numbers, plat maps and deed restrictions.) You will find all 170 subdivisions listed by county and then alphabetically from A - Z. 

The secondary reason for this website is to connect Lake Livingston as one entity of information.  Instead of four separate counties with multiple towns and municipalities all having different resources to find emergency, utility, roadwork, school, and government contact information, our website is the one location you can find all the information you need about the subdivisions around Lake Livingston.


                         This is "A WEBSITE TO CONNECT US."